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Zab's hot sauce (men's & women's)

$ 20.00

Zab the otter pup is holding our favorite hot sauce! 
You can choose between men's & women's fit. 

Original artwork. 
Zab likes to travel and go on an adventure with you! Take a photo of you with this t-shirt and post with a hashtag #ZabtheTrotter so that our artisans can see where our products go to. :)


We're all about honoring the sacrificial and courageous love of mothers.  We picked sea otters as our mascot because they are local Cali animals and they embody 'mama love' so well :) 

Our mama otter has 2 pups: Zab & Lulu. 
(Trivia: The name 'Zab' came from our founders Allen & Ayaka's daughter: Eli-ZAB-eth. And 'Lulu' from their last name.)
We call them the "traveling otters" a.k.a. "Trotter"! 


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