Why sea otters? – EPAMade

Why sea otters?


We're all about honoring the sacrificial and courageous love of mothers.  We wanted to tell stories of single mothers in a fun, non-pitiful, and snuggly way.  We picked sea otters as our mascot because they are local Cali animals and they embody 'mama love' so well :) 


Our mama otter has 2 pups: Zab & Lulu. 
(Trivia: The name 'Zab' came from our founders Allen & Ayaka's daughter: Eli-ZAB-eth. And 'Lulu' from their last name.) 

You can customize the otter pillows and carry them with you to remember that it takes a village to let hope rise and we are better together.  
.... so they're the "traveling otters" a.k.a. "Trotter"! 

Snap a photo of your otter in your favorite place and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #ZabtheTrotter #LulutheTrotter :) 
We love it when you share with us how you see the world, how you spend your day, what excites you, where you live and visit! Our team here in East Palo Alto enjoy seeing where the otters travel after they leave our studio.