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Without hope, our family would not be here! 
In 2010 our marriage hit rock bottom and we were
separated for two years. Ayaka hoped in Jesus
through those painful years as a single mother.
God took us on a path of reconciliation and we
discovered that redemption is possible after the
season of suffering. Hope is real. Hope did not 
disappoint or put us to shame. Let hope rise!


LINDA, Shop Manager

Hope is the small speck of light in darkness.
And when there is light, darkness will be
overcome. Hope is fundamental in practicing faith,
like the dude who came to Jesus and stated that
he could heal his relative from afar and all he had
to do was to say the words. 

AMBER, Retail &
Production Associate

Hope is a necessity. We need hope because
it keeps us moving forward. It keeps the tired
and weary from giving up. Hope is something
that mothers have to have in order to push
ahead and raise our children.
For us, hope is life and life is hope.

SANDRA, Retail Associat

Hope mean to have a big perspective that looks
beyond the presence with a forward outlook of
purpose, commitment always learning to enrich
myself and others at all time.


Retail Associate

Letting our beliefs grow as we learn from one
another and helping those who are in need.
That's believing in something and making it


What hope means to me is to be the best role
model for my son so that he can finish high 
school and hope I can open my own shop in
the future.

NANCY, Alumni

Hope makes me stronger and gives me the
strength to forgive people who have hurt me
or have turned their back on me after I
became pregnant. Hope reminds me of my
mother who raised me as a single parent
without anyone to lean on. Hope helps me
to be thankful, and I'm thankful for all the
mothers who are given the chance to create
life inside of us!  


Hope keeps me moving forward, towards my
goals and away from depression. Hope keeps
my children safe, loved, and cared for when no
one is there to lend a hand. Hope helps me be
the mother and father for my children. Hope is
there to help me achieve my careers and goal
to help me support my family. Hope is loving,
caring, encouraging, and helping someone in
need because God has a will for everyone.

LUCERO, Alumni

We can always do everything in life as long as
we have HOPE. My encouragement to all the
single moms out there is to NEVER GIVE UP. 
Just like the saying, "Even though they might
have rough days sometimes and even when
the sky looks so gray there will always be a
time to shine in the sky and a rainbow would
aways make your world colorful even when
you feel worthless."

MARY, Alumni

Hope gives the meaning to life. Without hope 
there is no love, therefore there is no life.
Hope is being brave enough to take whatever
may come your way. Hope is the courage to
face your demons. Hope is being strong, strong
enough to survive. Hope is what we can pass
down to our legacy.

ELLIE, Communications

I am passionate about human rights and
social justice, and am a self described
"bleeding heart."  Hope reminds me daily
that despite all the pain and sorrow in the
world, the arc of the moral universe "bends
toward justice."

ANDREW, Board member

I am passionate about building community and
untapping human potential. Always known as an
idealist, I want the world to be more intentional
about love. 
Hope is important because it is
predicated on relinquishing control to God.
Hope is faith in action. Hope also gives us
something to live for, because we as humans
thrive on possibilities. It is what keeps us striving
to become better everyday.