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Origin Story

In 2010 Allen and Ayaka’s marriage hit rock bottom. Allen experienced depression and Ayaka tasted the pain and burden of being a single mother. Two years later, God set them on a path of reconciliation and their marriage has never been stronger. Having received this hope that God can turn around any brokenness, their hearts began to go out to single-mother families in poverty, which continue to increase to over 4 million in the United States. Are they bound to live in loneliness and despair? Why do pregnant women have to sleep on the street while their neighbors live in mansions with more rooms than they need? How do we love our neighbors in the Silicon Valley?

Leviticus 25 talks about the Year of Jubilee, a year of holy rest and freedom. All the slaves go free, all debts are forgiven, people receive what have been taken away and be reunited with families. Oppressions are removed, and people who have become poor are upheld by their neighbors who have plenty. (Leviticus 25:10,12,17,35)
Dreaming to see #JubileeintheSiliconValley (yup, we use this hashtag on Instagram), Allen and Ayaka started a non-profit called “LevMade”: a leveled community of Levites. And under this non-profit, we have launched two social/justice enterprises, EPA Made and EPA Shop