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Our story


Let hope rise in East Palo Alto through job creation for single mothers!

EPAMade empowers single mothers through employment and
job coaching, in order to let hope rise in East Palo Alto, CA. 
We are a job readiness program that provides on-the-job
coaching, accountability, positive community, life skills,
of redemption, and financial sustainability to young
mothers who are raising the next generations

We are a social enterprise under LevMade, Inc.a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit that incubates and launches social
businesses to level the economic playing field in their local community. (EIN: 47-2338082). 

We are a positive 'village' that shares the burden of raising children, equips each other to become financially sustainable,
and lives with hope that life will change and the season of
suffering is not the end of our story. 

 {Our start-up journey from 2014-2016}

"It takes a village to empower us as we raise our kids," 

said one of the young single mothers. 


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