"Let hope rise" bracelet – EPAMade

"Let hope rise" bracelet

$ 54.00

Handmade by our guest artist Jennifer Wright from Aubepine jewelry who love to see hope rise among the marginalized women in East Palo Alto, CA. 

Made with Chalcedony, Carnelian, Citrine, and 14K gold fill.



aubepine jewelry ~ delicate handcrafted gemstone and pearl jewelry

Jennifer Wright is the designer and creator behind aubepine jewelry. Jennifer started her career in the engineering field. As an undergrad she took many classes involving wire and cutters; she likes to think that now her tools are just more beautiful. She loves working with gemstones, gold, and silver to make pieces that may enliven someone's day. Her brand aubepine comes from the French word for the hawthorn flower.

Jennifer works in her home studio in warm Sunnyvale, California.



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