Now With These Palms ~ Poem by a young single mom September 06 2016


With these palms I held the phone that gave the news...
He was not to come back, he said he would only return to pack.  
He left a bruise on my heart, leaving me with my sadness and to deal with all the madness 
So with the sleeves of my sweater I wiped away my tears, that did not make me feel better.
Soon enough with these fingers I held a test that said positive, 
yet I could not allow myself to remain positive and optimistic.
I lost it, pushed to the point of going ballistic... 
Then I felt you grow inside my womb.
I quickly resented wanting to be 6 feet under laying in a tomb. 
I fell more in love everyday as i sensed your presence. 
You were a true little blessing, God sent me the greatest present. 
Now with these palms, now with these palms, 
I hold yours, they are so sweet, a divine treat.
And with the sleeves of my sweater
I wipe my eyes and I blink twice. 
I am so thankful that you are here, you have made me feel so much better. 
With these fingers I felt your fragile body 
There is no way I would allow anyone to hurt your body 
because you came from my body.
You are mine to love and to hold. 
I'll be the one to mold you.  


- Susan, a mom of 2