Renters Struggle to Keep Up in Menlo Park’s Belle Haven Neighborhood [article] April 01 2015

NPR news about Menlo Park's Belle Haven Neighborhood 

This is the neighborhood right next to East Palo Alto where many of our friends live... and are losing housing. 

It’s very hard. Children don’t have room to play, and one doesn’t have enough space either.

"People are seeing their neighbors leave. People are seeing investors buy up those properties in the hopes that a Facebook person will come and purchase them for a higher amount of money.

To build affordable housing on land that is so incredibly expensive on an economy that’s on fire here, it’s like a double whammy to actually create affordable housing."

Where I live is probably 10 miles from some of the most prosperous corporations in the world. And some of my neighbors will not necessarily make it through college.... My children and grandchildren will not be able to stay in this community.

"If we are going to have a healthy sustainable economy, we have to find a way to house our workers.