Garage rent for $1000/month [video] March 19 2015

For those of you who aren't familiar with the bay area housing crisis, this is what many of our artisans face as single moms.  And this is why we're passionate about job creation in THIS neighborhood for THESE precious women & their children. 

According to the US Housing and Urban Development (HUD), people who live in structures not meant for human habitation, such as storage sheds, unconverted garages, shacks, bus stations, etc are considered homeless.  There are more "hidden homeless" in our communities than we know.

Honestly, I always thought homeless people were panhandlers or people on the street that were hungry and cold and drug addicts and alcoholics — who didn’t want to do anything for themselves. I work and make decent money when I’m working. I think part of the reason why I became homeless is because finding work and daycare and transportation and everything just combined made it impossible for me to keep a roof over our head. 

Struggling Single Mom Of 2 Rents San Mateo Garage For $1,000 A Month