SF Launch Party October 18 2014

Tonight, we had our first EPAMade Launch Party in San Francisco, generously hosted by the boba guru Andrew Chau (co-founder of Boba Guys) and his wife Kelly. Prior to the event, we transformed the Chau household into a cozy venue to exhibit EPAMade: a button-making station on the counter, t-shirts and onesies on one wall, and products on display in the cubby shelves.

When the clock struck 8 o' clock, our guests started to trickle in, and we mingled and feasted on a variety of finger foods! Fresh oysters, classic bread and cheese, a selection of salami, and an unlikely yet savory combo of Korean kalbi and cheese... Basically heaven for the average foodie. See for yourself in the photos below!

On top of that, we had a bartender friend work his magic and mix drinks throughout the night. Once our guests were well-fed and our conversations died down, we settled into the living room to hear the testimonies of our founders Allen and Ayaka Lu and how their journey has led them to serving in East Palo Alto and establishing EPAMade. We also listened to a moving speech from Linda, one of our talented artisans and a young mother herself. We learned about the endless cycle that single parents feel trapped in, between the challenging job hunt but needing a steady income, or the responsibilities of having a job but needing reliable childcare during working hours. We quickly became aware of a problem that is real in our community and more complicated than we thought, but how the launch of EPAMade can be the first step in providing a solution to this issue. After the very heartwarming and eye-opening presentations, we continued on in our food fest with a round of sweet treats, including panna cotta prepared by Kelly and a blueberry chiffon cake donated by Whole Cakes.

Lastly, we were blessed by the several generous donations made at the end of the night. Praise the Lord!! Thank you to everyone who came out to support EPAMade and were thrilled by our products, celebrated this very exciting social enterprise with us, and contributed to bringing hope to EPA. We are so grateful for you all!