Custom t-shirt orders for local youth January 15 2015

There's something special about being able to do something positive for your own neighborhood.  It's been exciting to do CUSTOM ORDERS for the local organizations & schools in East Palo Alto.   

First order was for a basketball camp hosted by Jeremy Lin Foundation for the children in Bayshore Christian Ministries on September 13, 2014.  We screen printed on t-shirts that were provided by Adidas, who sponsors Jeremy Lin.  It was cool to see the Adidas logo printed on the sleeve in black ink, just like the designs we printed on the same t-shirt.  We're doing legit jobs over here!  


Second order was for BCM's robotics club competition on November 1, 2014.  We were impressed that these kids are learning how to build their own robots.  Good job, team Robot Spartans! 


Third order was for Eastside College Preparatory School Girls JV basketball team in January 2015.  They sent us a sketch of what they wanted on their team gear, and we turned it into vector images on a computer.  We tested various shades of maroon colors to see which one stands out the best on black sweatshirts.  Each sweatshirt was personalized with a number on the front and nickname on the back.  We had fun printing everyone's unique nicknames. :)  Have a great season, Lady Panthers! 


If you want us to print your gears, check out our CUSTOM ORDERS page for how to order!