Finding a space in EPA October 19 2014

Housing prices are skyrocketing in the Silicon Valley.  Rich folks from overseas are buying properties in East Palo Alto for investment while the local residents are losing their homes that they can no longer afford.  
In the midst of all this, we started praying for a space, knowing that it would take a miracle to find something within our budget.

In August 2014, we met Ben & Kat who had just purchased a property in East Palo Alto and were looking for someone to rent the extra space.  We told them about EPAMade, and guess what Ben & Kat said?  "You guys can use the garage and another roofed area for a small rent fee if you are willing to clean and fix them."  Wow, what a generous offer!  We almost cried. 

On October 19, 2014 we cleaned up the space with the help of many kind friends who love East Palo Alto.  


It's still in progress, but we are now a step closer to seeing our dream come true!